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A deluge system is a fixed fire protection system and it is designed to protect against severe fuel hazards. A huge number of sprinklers simultaneously work to bring any undesirable fire event under control. A Deluge system has unpressurized dry piping and open sprinkler heads. It is directly connected to a water supply, when becomes activated, a deluge valve releases the water to all the open sprinkler heads simultaneously. Deluge systems can also release other fire-suppressing materials such as dry powder, foam, chemicals, or inert gases. Until the deluge valve is activated by pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, or manual release system, the system piping remains empty and dry, but when activated the deluge system floods the area through high-pressurized water or other fire extinguishing material.

  • A fire detection (Smoke/Heat/Ultraviolet/Infrared/Optical flame Detector) system detects the fire and sends the signal to the fire alarm panel to activate the deluge valve.
  • Immediately the deluge valve opens which is connected to a water supply.
  • Water flows into the piping system and starts discharging from all nozzles and open sprinklers.
  • After use, the deluge valve can be easily reset to normal operating conditions by draining the water remaining inside the pipe and valve body.

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